Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Lobby American Grille

 Brunch is the slutty sister of Breakfast. She wakes up late, boozes it up & slathers herself in Hollandaise. A hot mess! ~ @morocca on twitter

So this is what happened. iKeith was working very late hours and coming home well after I'd gone to bed for several days. Saturday morning, I discovered that to celebrate a job well done...the night before, he went to The Lobby with his team. I'd been wanting to go to The Lobby so we made a last minute decision I made him take me to brunch. I went to my handy yellow file folder where I keep important papers and I produced a Restaurant.com gift certificate that I had purchased a few months ago when they were on sale for 80% off.

I didn't know anything about The Lobby American Grille when I bought the certificate but it sounded nice. This could end up being the best decision I've made since I accepted iKeith's proposal of marriage back in 2004!
The Lobby

We went to their website and made a reservation and then spent a little time looking at the brunch menu. This is when we got really excited!

We decided to start with the Glazed Doughnut French Toast for the four of us to share. We all loved the crispy sweetness of the doughnut batter and I preferred the blueberry jam as a topping. My children thought the maple syrup was the best!
Glazed Doughnut French Toast
Hubby and I were excited to find Bottomless Mimosa's on the menu and they went perfectly with everything we ordered. I recommend sharing. (The food...not the Mimosa) There are so many great choices on this menu that it will be impossible for you to make a decision.

I went with the Bacon Jalapeno Frittata...they had me at bleu cheese, which I didn't think would go very well with Jalapeno but it surprisingly does!
Bacon Jalapeno Frittata
My husband was very happy with his Poached Eggs with Blue Crab Spinach Cream Sauce and was regretting his decision to share with me. This could easily be a favorite of mine because the sauce is so delicious. iKeith wanted to lick the plate but I reminded him we were in a nice place and just because he drank 3 mimosa's did not mean he could act like a 3 year old.

Eggs with Blue Crab Spinach Cream Sauce
Our 3 and 4 year old....loved their pancakes and our waitress (Heaven) was great with them.

It had more bacon...kid couldn't wait for the picture to be taken.

The Lobby American Grille
2191 Arapahoe St
Denver, Co 80205

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