Sunday, January 13, 2013

Going Green

I went to the grocery store this morning and was sick over how many little plastic bags I used for my produce.  More than half of my cart was filled with fruit and veggies since I've put my family on The Obama Plan*.

I had to run to Whole Foods because the kale at my local grocery store was just so sad.  Limp and light green, it had seen better days.  I decided to get the good stuff even if it was going to cost me more.  Nothing is too good for my family!

I picked up this cute little re-useable bag for produce.  It wasn't cheap....$2.99 but I figure I'll get one every time I got to Whole foods and in a year I'll have enough for all of my produce.  Unless I find some cute ones online.  I'll keep you posted.

Look at me, I'm going green!
No wasteful plastic bags for me. 
Won't ruin the planet, on me you can't tread.
I can't, I'm Sandra Dee!

*The Obama Plan -> Our healthy eating and exercise plan so that we don't have to use  ObamaCare.