Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cooper's Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que

My Mom and Dad moved to Dallas from Colorado in 1997.  I've visited them several times over the last 16 years but we've never been to Ft. Worth.  You might find this hard to believe but I used to be a red-neck.

When my parents moved, I was living on a 660 acre ranch in a little community on the Pawnee Grasslands.  I had cows, dogs, cats and a huge garden.  I drove a truck and hauled water into my house from the stock tanks when my well caved in.

In other words, this isn't my first rodeo!

I knew my kids would enjoy the real cowboy experience and I was right!  Within 20 minutes of hitting main street, my kids had a stick horse, a cowboy hat and a couple of us had sat on a cow.

We knew for sure that to top off our real cowboy experience, we wanted some good bar-b-que! There were many place to choose from but we went the place with PIT in it's name.

We were not disappointed!  Cooper's Old Time Pit Bar-b-Que was exactly what we wanted and I was thrilled that we'd picked this place without even doing any research.  I went by the seat of my pants which is totally unlike me.  I'm a planner.

We walked in the door to find the pit and a list of meat that was available for purchase by the pound.  Keith and I both really like ribs so I got the pork and he got the beef.  The kids meal came with a choice of brisket or sausage.  Both of my kids loved their choices and wanted more!

Once your meat is selected you walk into the dinning room but first you get to pick a couple sides to go with your meal.  All meals come with beans and bread but you can buy some other goodies like potato salad, corn, pickles and mac and cheese with jalapenos and bacon.  For dessert there is a selection of cobblers.  We got the peach and it was wonderful!

To wash it all down you can choose a soft drink or pop, depending on where you're from or a ice cold beer.

Can I interest you in a Hot Jalapeno Pepper?

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