Sunday, March 31, 2013

Breakfast Pizza

We just returned from a trip so I didn't take the time to really plan an Easter meal.  In fact, I was tempted to skip Easter all together because I'm over the Easter Bunny and his shenanigans.  We stuffed eggs while watching Les Mis last night and hiding them was fun.  It took the kids all of about 3 minutes to find them!

I asked the kids what they wanted for Easter Dinner and they said Corn Dogs.  Works for me!

Since we'll be having a simple dinner, I decided to make brunch for my family.  For the record, Keith and I will NOT be having corn dogs, we're having pork chops and potatoes.

I decided on Breakfast Pizza.  This could end up being our Easter Tradition because the kids loved it!

I used Grands! Refrigerated Biscuits for the base of our pizzas.  I lightly floured my cutting board and rolling them out pretty thin, they will puff back up a bit while baking so don't worry that they are too thin.  I greased a cookie sheet and baked them in a 350 degree oven for 8 minutes.

While they were baking, I made scrambled eggs and fried some sweet Texas onion and chopped portabello mushrooms in a little bit of butter.  My husband and I love caramelized onion on just about anything!

Once the pizza bases were ready I poured a small amount of olive oil on them and then layered slices of provolone cheese on top.  The onion and mushroom mixture was next and then some eggs.  Lastly, I sliced up some prosciutto and added it to the top.

I put the pizzas back in the oven for about 5 minutes to melt the cheese.

I served the yummy little pizzas with some yogurt and fresh fruit.

Mommy had a little libation because it's Sunday.  Keith was nice enough to pick up my favorite little bottles of prosecco but I forgot to get orange juice.  I made do with a little sliced strawberry!

Happy Easter!