Saturday, August 21, 2010

Finding Joy

I used to have a food blog called Tales From The Fridge.  I deleted it several months ago while under the influence of Percocet, after having my wisdom teeth removed.  Not a smart move...but I'm guessing my wisdom was removed with my teeth.

I've felt more regret for that decision than I have for just about anything in my life. My excuses consist of living in Utah where everyone eats canned and dried food, becoming bored with cooking for two preschoolers who thought everything I made was gross and my ongoing attempt to lose weight.

Well....things have changed a little bit.  My kids are allowing me to feed them more regular food, I've moved back to Denver and I've learned that I can eat what I like in small quantities.

Something else that has changed is the size of my kitchen.  It's tiny.  I think people call them galley kitchens but that might be pushing it with this one.

This kitchen has a 1 person occupancy.

When I first saw this kitchen (I rented the apartment without seeing it) I didn't know if I should donate all my cookbooks and Kitchen Aid Mixer to charity or buy a Julia Child cookbook!  My thoughts were if Julie Powell can cook awesome recipes in a sh*tty little apartment kitchen then so could I.

"Julia taught me what it takes to find your way in the world. It's not what I thought it was. I thought it was all about-I don't know, confidence or will or luck. Those are all some good things to have, no question. But there's something else, something that these things grow out of. It's joy."
— Julie Powell (Julie and Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen)


Cooking, baking and discovering new recipes...has always brought me joy. Until it didn't. I want to feel the joy again. Our reason for moving back to Denver is for hubby's dream job. His joy! It's time for me to find mine again.

The urban dictionary describes a foodie as a person that spends a keen amount of attention and energy on knowing the ingredients of food, the proper preparation of food , and finds great enjoyment in top notch ingredients and preparation. A foodie is not necessarily a food snob.

I can relate to Julia Child's story...meeting her husband and then having him introduce her to a world of wonderful food. Because that is what happened to me. I was just a country girl when my husband found me and now I love food and discovering things I've never tried before.

I credit him with my love for great food.