Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Wines ~June

Is it hot enough for you yet?

I've lived in Colorado my entire life (expect for those 4 unfortunate years in Utah) and I don't remember it being this hot.  I've sworn off straightening my hair and make up for the foreseeable future and taken up drinking.

Who am I kidding.  I've always been drinking! But now I'm seeking out cold wine instead of my favorite reds.

I've been drinking more Rosé and loving it!  I think Cupcake is my new favorite brand, I've tried several, they are all very delicious and their label is adorable!

We got a great deal on Jose Rosé and after several bottles I decided it's Muy Bueno.

Wine By Joe

My husband isn't a wine drinker.  He's normally a Fosters or ESP (is that right?) guy but he recently came home with Samuel Adams Porch Rocker and it was great!  Perfect for a lazy afternoon on the patio.

What are you drinking this summer?