Friday, April 1, 2011

Easter Egg App from Martha Stewart

Leave it to Martha to come up with an app to help you decorate Easter Eggs! My daughter is obsessed with Martha Stewart right now so we've been watching The Martha Stewart Show in the mornings.

Today Martha colored eggs...after she pranked Joey for April Fools Day,  and she told us about her new app. Mallory is impressed that Martha owns an iPad. We downloaded it immediately! Download yours HERE.

Martha has really outdone herself this time.  The Egg Gallery gives you every decorating option under the sun.  I don't know how i'm going to decide...there are too many options to choose from! Once you do find one that you really on HOW TO and there are detailed instructions. By the can mark your favorite eggs and then find them in the button titled FAVORITES!  I tell you...Martha has thought of everything!

She even has a section called basics.  Here you will find a video showing how to blow an egg.  NOTE: Martha is not in this video....on of her minions is demonstrating. Also....they use an aspirator....not their mouth.  Good to know!

This app is a bargain at .99 cents!