Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cookbook Review: The Pioneer Woman Cooks

I got this cookbook yesterday and I spent the evening and most of this morning reading it from cover to cover.

Yes, that's right.  From cover to cover.  If you aren't familiar with The Pioneer Woman...but really, who isn' should know that she is a ranchers wife living in Oklahoma with her Marlboro Man and her 4 kids.  And a bunch of cows, horses and dogs.

It's not just a's a story/picture book about her life on the ranch and the people she shares it with with recipes thrown in.  It was a joy to read! 

Her recipes are for the most part simple good food.  Nothing fancy...because she lives on a ranch!  I read some of the recipe titles out loud to my husband and we're excited to cook some of the dishes together....if we can both fit in the galley kitchen!

You'll be seeing some of her recipes here....stay tuned!