Wednesday, November 30, 2011

K Cup Review: Barista Prima Italian Roast

I recently signed up for Green Mountains Cafe Express Coffee Club so that I never run out of K Cups again.  I found their prices to be comparable to the cups I buy at Target and I'm hoping this will save me money in the long run because I won't run to Target for a $12 box of coffee and then spend $100.

I know this happens to people other than me.  Target is a money suck!

I was really excited to see what all of the buzz was about with this new line of K Cups called Barista Prima.  They are a little bit more expensive than my old standby but I don't mind for paying more for a really great cup of coffee.  This will be my weekend coffee.  Because I deserve it.

The website describes the Italian Roast as robust, heavy-bodies and very dark.   The first thing that I noticed was that it is very smooth and even though I did add a little bit of half and was really creamy.  It makes me want to sit in front of a fireplace with a book.   I'm telling instantly gave me a homey feeling.

Coffee should make you feel good.  I believe this is THE perfect cup of coffee.

**disclosure: Green Mountain and Barista Prima didn't pay me for this review.  I just love coffee and sharing my finds with my friends and readers.