Sunday, October 6, 2013

Happy Coffee

My kids have been in school for several weeks now so you'd think I would be busy knocking things off from my Foodie Bucket List.

The PTA has prevented me from doing much of that but I'm about to correct that real quick.

Two weeks ago, has it really been two weeks ago?  I made plans to visit the Civic Center Eats Food Truck Extravaganza with my friend Denise from Eat, Play, Love.  But first I had to so to the Girl Scout Store and buy my daughter her first Daisy uniform.

I had a little time, so I checked with Yelp and asked it where the closest coffee shop was located.

It told me to go to Happy Coffee.

So I did.

Super cute little place with a pastry case that looked amazing.  I think I spied some homemade Pop Tarts!  I ordered a cappuccino and it was delightful!  Yummy coffee means a happy Mama!

 Happy Coffee
1 South Broadway
Denver, CO