Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Chefs De France

We spent an amazing day exploring EPCOT and I didn't expect to eat at such a fancy place.  I fully expected to just get something quick and easy and maybe a glass of wine somewhere.

My husband had a plan.  Which really....is so rare of him.   I love being surprised and was shocked to learn that he had made reservations for our family to eat dinner at Chefs De France in France!

The restaurant is beautiful with golden walls and I felt transported.  Our wait staff spoken to us in french and I tried out my rusty high school french and realized it was too long ago and gave up.

My husband ordered a bottle of wine!  Oh...I felt so fancy!

I could not wait to order and started with Bisque de Homard (Lobster Bisque).  I had this soup once before when iKeith and I were dating and I was anxious to have it again.  It was delicious and creamy...with a mound of fresh lobster in the center.  I could have just eaten this and been very happy!

For my main course, I went with the Plat de cote de boeuf au cabernet avec pates - Beef short ribs braised in Cabernet with pasta, pearl onions and mushrooms.  It was served over noodles.  The ribs were so tender and seasoned so well!  I loved every single bite.

For dessert, I enjoyed Creme Brulee.  By this point I was so full that I decided to share with my husband.  Normally, I wouldn't let him touch my favorite dessert but I was feeling generous.

My husband enjoyed the Coquille St Jacques et crevette. gnocchis Provencales - Seared scallops and shrimps served with gnocchis, provencales (tomato, peppers and fresh herbs. - and my kids each had a flat bread pizza.

At the end of our meal, we were surprised by a visit from Ratatouille!

Click here for Chefs De France Menu. Les Chefs de France on Urbanspoon