Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bonnie Brae Ice Cream

I knocked a bunch of things off my foodie bucket list today ( more on that later) and it reminded me that I've been remiss in posting my adventures in ice cream.

In July (i think) we visited Bonnie Brae Ice Cream on a whim.   As in, I said....hey!  Who wants some ice cream and we drove like bats out of hell to another part of town without checking the weather and found ourselves at Bonnie Brae.

We got caught in a major downpour and I was glad I wasn't wearing a white shirt that day.

We loved the ice cream and my husband was VERY happy with all of the choices of flavors.  I'm easy.  I had the mocha.

I don't remember what the kids had but they loved it.

Come to think of was probably Rocky Road and Chocolate.  Their stand by order.  Maybe someday they'll branch out.  Oh what am I saying....I get Coffee most of the time.

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